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Matt Preece
(203) 903-8894  •  mattpreece(at)ketomega(dot)com
Milford, CT


I design stuff. Creative problem solving is a way of life and not just a job for me. I have been primarily involved in print design, however, I have a keen interest in game and web design. I love drawing and painting in Photoshop. I'm crazy about designing in InDesign. I'm well versed in illustrating in Illustrator. I get around pretty well in any office software. I've also worked in various 3D programs and Game Engines. I'm currently teaching myself the ins and outs of web design, HTML, and CSS coding (I would eagerly take any opportunity to grow my program skill set). Please feel free to visit my portfolio page to see the work I have done and work that is still in progress. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Devious Teddy

what is ketomega?
and what's the deal with the bear?

Ketomega is an internet identity, tag, company name, or whatever I need it to be. I've been using the name for the majority of my digital life in many different ways. When I was putting together my portfolio, I thought it was only natural to incorporate it. The same rationale went into the devious teddy. I think its nice to have a mischevious little guide watching over you as you navigate this site.